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nαme: τοni anushca-mai ✌
αge: 25
current ιocαtion: s☀nshine floridα
proud: jαmαicαn
CHRIST beιieνer: ✞
PROUD MOMMii of my liddle munchkin Connor. He's sooo awesome. Everyday I'm in awe that he's mine. He's truly a Blessing✨I am so in love with him. ✨CONNOR✨
happily TAKEN ;; he's AH-mazing ^.^
✌.❤.& c u p c α κ e s
i adore cupcakes, O.P.I. nail polishes, MAC cosmetics, my iPhone 4 , my MacBook , the color PiNK, the store PiNK, !!Hello Kitty!!, CHANEL, Marc Jacobs, LEOPARD PRINT!!!, gummy bears, fireworks, Devil Wears Prada,
--->SHOES!!! SHOES!!! SHOES!!!<---
Range Rovers, BMWs, Maybach, Empire State Building, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Drake's music, Bob Marley, Fashion, Food, Starbucks, COFFEE, mint tea, mojitos, margaritas,
BEACH, peace, love, happiness.



So happy for her!!!

Posted: Fri December 23rd, 2011 at 6:03am
Tagged: melanie amaro melanie xfactor won sing
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